Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Sacredness And Power In Knowing Thyself

The Sacredness And Power In Knowing Thyself

By Chief Elder Osiris

Instruction coming from our Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, carry no weight in the Mind of the believer, and believing is deceiving, and it is the Believing Mind that now guide the Brand New so call Black Afrikans, we who have not our Divine Mind, a caliber of mind that will have us to know the meaning and purpose of all that has happened and is happening to the once Divine Beings, you who have been transformed to become Human Beings claiming to be Black Afrikan Americans, and is a Black People been brainwashed to view the Black Race in Tribal association, which prevent us Black people from developing again, a dynamic relationship with each other, a relationship that have us to be a collective Black Nation.

A Divine Mind is a Mind that operate in Harmony, Order, And Balance, when using the Mental technique of profound Reason, Being Rational and Logical, when assessing and analyzing events that are happening that has a Direct impact upon the life living of Black people, such a mental method is required to be put into action when in earnest with a desire to know what is Divinely True and Real, as we live life today.

Black Folks are very gullible to that which we know nothing about, and is fascinated at what is label to be Mythical stories about the quality of Being in the physical and not being in the physical, as we become in awe at unreasonable statements presented in an unreasonable way about that which is a mystery to the Believing Mind.

Divinity is only mystical to the mind unable to understand the mystery of that which has demanded your attention, Mythology only reference things that is a mystery to the believing minds.

Therefore, when the topic of interest is Divine, you can not understand the Mystery of such a Mind action, if you have no knowledge of your Black self, so we end up relaying stories about a state of Being, misrepresenting the Gods, our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, the only Gods that speak verbally and to have walked upright upon this Planet Earth in form, coming out from the broader and wider Universe, which are the Stars, Planets, and the Elements that are and are not in physical form, such come by the action of the Divine Essence, which is Space Dark Intelligent Energy, Infinitely.

Divine is no package that can be boxed up and hid away, Divinity is a way of Living Life, which is manifested by the way you Think, such an action origin, is what we refer to as the Mind, and it is the Mind that reveal the quality of the spirit that you display, which can be Divine and/or Profane, Divine is what verify you to know while Profane is what verify that you do not know, and the opposite to knowing is Believing, Divine is Thoughtful Reasoning and Profanity is Believing Faithfully.

That which is a mystery to you will have you telling stories about what you do not know, and to continue to travel such a mental path, will have you to be a prisoner to ignorance, and it is ignorance that have you not to know Thyself, Black People!!!

The Divine Black Being is Power unto self and is collectively related to each other, When Thinking, Black people is a force to be respected by all others, as well as your Black self, that is why so much Time is spent in having Black people not to Intelligently explore the Black self, because to Know Thyself, is to have you Living and performing Divinely.

Therefore, to be able to perform Divinely, while Living Life, it require for you to know what is Divinely True and Real, the Two Twins that do not change based upon a belief nor a Thought, belief operate in Doubt and uncertainties while Thought reveal the knowledge and certainty of all things being investigated in the Universe, as we all that Live, is a part and member of what makes up the Universe.

Black people are in the Living Mental condition that we are in today, and Afrika is being abused as it is being abused today, and the Black Afrikan is under such a Mental illness today, all because we have been made not to be interested in knowing Thyself, and a people ignorant of self, care less than a Damn about Thyself, and it is that caliber of Mind we Black people now is a prisoner of today, and it have us despising the Divine Truth, a caliber of Truth that we can no longer lie about making claim that such a quality of Truth has not come into our presence today, and therefore we are justified in our ignorance, because it is the blissfulness of ignorance that have us with an excuse for not doing for self, which have Black people not to be protective of Thyself.

I have been made totally and Divinely Aware that all of the Talk on this Planet can not unwind a Mind that has been winded so tight in Ignorance, and a mind of such caliber, is comfortable in believing in what is being looked at, and a mind that is sense driven, is a Mind that have lost all ability to Think, and it is the Mind that Think that is the Mind that See, and Divine Truth and Reality is only known and understood by the Mind that See, and therein lies the problem as to why Black Folks know nothing about being Divine, and is an enemy to that which is Divinely True and Real, in the Sphere of Living Life, today.

We will choose any direction to turn our attention too, than the direction where Reparation reside, it is as if Black folks are afraid of the thought of becoming free, which is understandable to a Mind that Divinely Think, and a Thinking Mind know that such fear come from not knowing Thyself.

Therefore, it is based upon such knowledge that I informed Black people a while back, of a need we have to engage in a Divine Spiritual Retreat, unto this day, Black people choose to remain self ignorant than to do what is necessary to know Thyself, an instruction that came from the Gods our Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, they whom you have long forgotten and now have no remembrance of today.

A People Ignorant Of Self, Will Never Rise to a Position Where you can do for self, and to this day, the Mental status of Black people prove me to be Divinely Right.



Chief Elder

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