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The Rich Meet In Switzerland To Discuss The People Fate, Why Is It That Black And Poor People Do Not Meet To Discuss, Plan And Strategize Concerning Our Freedom?

The Rich Meet In Switzerland To Discuss The People Fate, Why Is It That Black And Poor People Do Not Meet To Discuss, Plan And Strategize Concerning Our Freedom?

By Chief Elder Osiris

In this newly developed world of Life Living Beings, things are no longer as they were designed to be by the action of Nature, the Prime attribute of the Divine Essence, God of all things physical and not physical, the way things are now, is the way Lucifer the Human Being has caused them to be, which is in complete submission to the Lord of the World, the Lord being the Laws that Lucifer has enacted for his pleasure and your submission and obedience to the Lord (Laws) of this World.

There has never been A Being as conning as the Serpent himself, he being with a Mind that produce a Spirit that is Devilish, Satanic, and Luciferian, the White man himself assigning to himself to be a Human Being of the World, which he has caused to be in this Day and Time, a world that is mentally confined to the conditioning of Religion, the source of Evil that permit Lucifer the Human Being to become the Lord and God of today world, meaning the people who render to Cesar that which belong to Cesar, and to god, that which Belong to god, having there to be not a Penny worth a difference between the two, the two being one , he being the white Man that is and of the world he now control.

White people, the Human Beings of this world, they who have mastered the ways and knowledge of Black Divine Beings, the white man know that unless they are able to keep Black people and Poor people whom they are responsible for having such people to be poor and to remain under his control, and he is responsible for Black people self ignorance, so when such a mental and physical condition of Black and poor people, is acted upon successfully by Black and poor people , Lucifer the Human Being know that his reign would come to an end, and he would resume his place at the bottom of the Anthropomorphous Chronological appearance of Life Living Intelligent Beings.

There are some Black folks who make such a statement as to why all the attention is focused upon white people, they state, and I quote " I am so tired of hearing about what white people have done to Black people,"well, I am here to share with you, not only Black people but people in close Racial proximity to Black people, and some white people the Devil consider to be useful collateral Damage in his act to dominate the world, as he has organized a Oligarchy of Filthy Wealthy Fraternal sisters and Brothers who take pride in being at the Economic Apex in the world.

Consider this Beloved Black people, you who might still know of our Time during the Sixties and Seventies, the Height of Black and poor people rebellion against segregation in America, the Time when Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Discrimination was not covert, but overt, the Time of so call Jim Crow, a Time when white folks segregated themselves from Black people, a Time specifically was centered upon Black people, because of the pigment of our Skin, it being the reason why the devil thought it to be fitting to go into our Home Land and Capture our Afrikan Ancestors to treat them as their Slaves, which they did, in the institution call Chattel Slavery, the same rank of chattel given to their live stock, and some of you Negroes have the Audacity to ask the question why it is that we stay focus on the evil that white folks have and is doing to Afrika and A Divided Black Afrikan people?

Away with your foolish question, the answer should come naturally to every Divine Thinking Black Woman and Man in the world today.

Allow me to let you in on a secret, Black Folks, You can not appreciate the Divine Truth concerning our sojourn on this Earth, unless you are conditioned to Think.

So, here is the secret of how to Think, To Learn How To Think, Is Not To Believe, Is That Simple enough for you, because most certainly there need to rise among us Black people some Thinking Black Folks, today.

When you become a Thinking Black Woman and Man, then you will understand that the way to our Freedom is so plain that the Devil is uncomfortable at the thought of Black people Thinking again, because then we will be able to see what it is that we must do to Save Afrika and Unite The Black Race, and only those who think among us, is a candidate for such a mental reform.

So, I appeal to you to consider this, why is it that Black and poor people no longer fraternize with each other anymore, we did so in the sixties, which is why the wall of Jim Crow came tumbling down, even though we were tricked into taking our eyes off of the Liberating prize, which have me to share with you Black people that our plight in America must not be about Civil Rights, but about our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and it is Reparation that symbolize our Freedom away from America, and it must be away from America, because as long as we Remain in America, we maintain the power of our oppressors, because in America, there is no Divine Freedom to be enjoyed by Black and poor people.

The problem with some Black folks in America is that we do not know that a war is being waged against us Black people, and until we become involved in such a war against us, we will remain in an environment that only compliment the rulers of America, and that is Lucifer the Human Being, a European Caucasian who sold to you a bill of spoil goods that have you believing that White people are superior over Black people, and today, that is the way we Black folks act.

To a people held in captivity and is treated with no respect, Meeting, Planning and Strategizing is the prerequisite to our Freedom, and there is no greater force to be reckon with when Black and poor people come together for a common cause, which is to be respected and to be able to determine our own needs and enjoy them, while in the process of living life.

If such a coalition had not been formed between Black and poor people, the events that happen in the sixties could not have happen as it did, so, there is a need for Black and poor people to rise with one voice stating that Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Discrimination and a evil unequal distribution of the wealth in the world, is not going to be tolerated anymore, and then move to make it so.

There is no explanation that is descent that can be given that would justify not paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, so to withhold what belong to Black people, is an act of disrespect, and that is why we concern our self with white folks, because they have something that belong to our Enslaved Ancestors, and not to demand it, is an act of disrespect toward our Enslaved Ancestors, such is the way we must Think, that is, if we are to prevail in our pursuit to become Free, once we realize that is the goal Black people must fight to obtain, and in order to be a worthy opponent in battle, you must meet, plan and strategize your order of defense and offense .

Isn't it amazing how Niggers are always in Battle stance against each other, ready to blow each other away based upon an expression, but to confront a long time enemy of Black folks about something owed to our Enslaved Ancestor, thus to you, we go into a total stance of submission, asking why are we always focusing on white people, a known liar and deceiver of Black people.

What a Sad And Pitiful Black People we have been conditioned to become today.


Chief Elder
All Rights Reserved@2014

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