Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Be Kind To Your Self, Black People

I will share this and may it interface with whomever mind qualified to know and understand the Divine Truth about Living Life.

There is no Magic wand that will be waved and all of a sudden the Living of Black Afrikan people will be as was before our Fall from the use of the Mind that Divinely Think and Reason Rationally and Logically.

I do promote Freedom, Justice and Independence for Black people, and I do know that violence can be used as an act of correction, and because of all of the violence been used to reduce a once Great Black Nation to the level of a Religious Believing mental weakling, expecting and having a delusional expectation of there going to be some kind of Divine intervention that is to come from other than ourselves, make us no more than sitting ducks as we have been made to be, available for every Tom Dick and Harry with an intention to keep Black folks believing in a fairy God to come and do battle for us and to hand to us Black folks what have been violently taken away from us, which is our self respect, Honor, integrity, Freedom, Justice, and Independence, principles of value that indicate the quality of intelligence that is required for us to regain our Divinity.

Divinity indicate no more nor no less than a way of Living Life in a Harmonizing, Orderly, and Balance way, and that way is profoundly Reason, be Rational and Logical when dealing with the obligation required to respect Life in a Freedom, Justified, and Independent way of Living, and with a Mind calibrated to such a Divine order, there is nothing out of order you must Do in order to regain / protect the Freedom and Sanctity of Mind.

Now, does this mean that I am advocationg that Black folks go out and act a fool in a spirit of using Destructive action, Hell No, such a Spirit is defeated before it can become moblized, so, Violence is acted out in various level of activity, and we must after the course of Planning and strategizing, use every mean required of us Black people to use, in order to demonstrate we are no longer to be treated as Fools who lay down and allow somebody to take away from us what is rightfully ours, and Reparation belong to our Enslaved Ancestors and we the children have the obligation to collect our Ancestors Reparation, which has by proxy, become the children of those Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

Right now, our Reparation is not in our possession, but is in the possession of those who are indebted to our Enslaved Ancestors, so yes, we must be prepared to do what is Divinely required of us to do, in order to collect a Debt owed to us Black people, through our Enslaved Ancestors.

The only Divine Intervention that is going to take place in Black Folks behalf, is to be by a Reformed Mind in the possession of Black people, which will generate a Divine Spirit of action that will be of such intensity that will compel the Devil to capitulate to the Demand that come from a Divine Thinking Mind, a Mind capable of generating a Spirit of Action that will demand the attention of the world, with a commitment to elevate our Enslaved Ancestors that will represent our Spirit of courage, having an awareness that violence can be used as a tool to extract Justice, Freedom and Independence from those who have been preventing Black people from experiencing what should come naturally to Black people, it being in the form of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

The Detail of our action that will extract our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation out from the possession of those who did benefited from the Enslavement of our Ancestors, I will not attempt to reveal such detail on this World Wide Web, and whomever expect me to do so, is a fool with stupid expectation.

I am not here to win your favor, I am here to win by Demanding our Freedom, which is to come in the form of Reparation.

There will be no Hockus Smokus that will return Black people to enjoying the nectar of Freedom, Justice, and Independence, only Direct Action to come from a Divine Thinking Mind, that is in possession of Black Afrikan people, which will have Black people to be qualified to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

May the Year To Come Be A Liberating Year For Black People, And Liberation Come Only From We Collecting Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

Be Kind To Your Self, Black People!!


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